Actualização de 11 de Março para a Xbox One corrige problemas com TV

A informação que circula de alguns utilizadores que estão a testar já o novo firmware permite ter uma ideia das novidades que estão para chegar.


Alguma informação sobre a nova versão do firmware da Xbox One permitem saber que para além de diversas alterações já previstas ao sistema de festa e de jogos multi-jogador, bem como a inclusão do serviço de streaming Twitch, pode-se constatar a chegada do Audio Dolby Digital

Mas isso não é tudo, pois existe agora uma nova escolha Audio, o Bitstream, uma forma de audio não comprimido e digital e que farás as delícias dos possuidores de sistemas surround.

Mas mais ainda, o problema com a compatibilidade entre a consola e os sistemas de TV 50 Hz Europeus foi resolvido, e há uma possibildiade de se desligar o reconhecimento de gestos do Kinect para evitar situações de activação acidental.

A lista de alterações e melhorias é grande, pelo que vos deixamos a mesma em Inglês:

A new update is going to start rolling out. There are a few fixes in this build, including some for issues discovered by the update preview community:

  • Fix for sign-in failing that requires system restart
  • IE and Bing not launching in non-English locales
  • Controller firmware not updating with chat headset plugged in
  • Messages are too easy to delete by accident since the Delete button is highlighted by default when opening a message (instead of Close button)

General changes

  • Option to disable Kinect hand gestures while watching a video
  • Kinect gesture and voice command tutorials are in the Kinect settings menu
  • Ability to choose the value by which volume increases or decreases when using the “Xbox, Volume Up” or Xbox, Volume Down” voice commands
  • Optical audio is now supported
  • NOTE – Some users are currently experiencing issues with this feature

Twitch App

  • Twitch streaming via an Xbox One will be enabled in this update
  • The “Xbox, Broadcast” voice command will begin a Twitch streaming session
  • NOTE – using this command during the early access period will only start the Twitch app
  • As before, you will be able to view Twitch streams that are being broadcasted from other systems i.e. PS4, PC, etc.
  • Chat is now enabled
  • – Name color and emoticons included
  • Viewers can send party invites to Broadcasters
  • – Broadcasters, in turn, can send invites to viewers in the Chat
  • Ability to broadcast a full-screen view of the game you’re playing or use an on-screen viewer indicator to keep an eye on how popular your live broadcast is
  • Ability to archive broadcasts
  • Ability to set up a notification for when a Favorite begins a broadcast
  • Earn unique Media Achievements

Party App

  • Ability to see what games/apps your party members are using if they are not in the same game as you
  • “Turn Party Chat On” is turned on by default
  • Option to send someone a Party invite, Game invite, or Party & Game invite
  • Option to invite Party to Game

Friend App

  • On the Dashboard, the Friends App will cycle through the number of friends, favorites, and broadcasters who are currently online
  • Friends are listed by whoever is currently online
  • People who are listed as Favorites will show up first and will have a star on the top right side of their gamerpic
  • Ability to see Recent Players
  • Find Someone is on the top level page
  • New Menu button options
  • – Send message
  • – Invite to Party
  • – Compare games
  • – Find someone
  • – People I’ve blocked
  • New Profile page options allow you to send game and party invites

Xbox One Controller Update

  • This is a firmware patch that will allow the Xbox One Headset Adapter to work with your Xbox One Controller
  • NOTE – If you already have an Xbox One Headset Adapter, install this update so that you can use it with your compatible headset
  • A micro-USB cable is needed in order to install this update

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