Os rumores sobre a PS5

Há uma lista enorme de dados sobre a PS5 que surgiram sobre a forma de rumor.

A lista de dados acrescentados ao rumor da PS5 é enorme. Gostavamos de partilhar isto devidamente traduzido, mas infelizmente não é possível.

Daí que se publica aqui um grande conjunto de dados sobre a PS5 que se encontra no Reddit, sem tradução.

Pedimos desculpa pelo post mais basico, mas ele está a ser feito pelo smartphone.

Como sempre aconselhamos a que olhem para tudo isto com as devidas reticências.

I’m not working to Sony. I’m just a random guy who happens to know a lot of things… Excuse me for grammatical errors, I’m not a native English speaker. In this post I’ll share with you most of the info I acquired about the PlayStation 5 in the previous 2 months. It took a lot of effort and time, but I think it was worth it. Also, you don’t need to believe any word you read here. It won’t make my day better or worse and it won’t change the fact that these information are valid/true. Also it’s possible that I made some mistakes and or I forget to mention something, but this post took long enough to write anyway. So maybe I’ll add more clarifications and info to the post in the upcoming hours / days. Okay then. Are you ready? Let’s get started. It will be a long read.


The new PlayStation(s) will release in the first quarter (not financial quarter) of 2019.

  • There are several simple reasons behind this. Sony needs time to finalize the hardware, finish and polish the games, properly market them, and build enough consoles that will satisfy the players’ needs. Also, they don’t want to release it too early because it can damage their brand (PS4 Pro just released not too long ago). To put it simply, early 2019 seems the best to them from every logical standpoint. If everything goes right, it will be a worldwide release.


There will be two console variants at launch. A normal version, simply called PlayStation 5, and a version with expanded feature-set and modified hardware, called PlayStation 5 Pro.

  • Sony doesn’t believe in mid-gen refreshes. They think that half-gen consoles can negatively effect the console industry’s health. PS4Pro was a necessary step because 7th gen consoles (including PS4) turned out to be too weak and obsolote.

  • Sony needed to take a step to try to keep players from moving to PC. They don’t think about Xbox as a competition, they rather fear from PC. The point is that in the PS5’s lifecycle there won’t be any mid-gen refreshes, but there will be a superior version of the console available at launch.

Both systems will be built from the ground up.

  • What that means is – at least in Sony’s console(s) – there won’t be any AMD parts for example. It will be a totally unique system with it’s own architecture. There’s a very strong reason behind this firstly questionable decision. By sticking to the AMD parts / PC architecture, Sony would not have been able to make/sell a console that is capable of running games as they wanted – at least for a reasonable price.

4K at 60-120FPS will be the new standard in console gaming (at least on Sony’s side), as well as native ultrawide support.

  • I think it’s kinda expected and unsurprising that next gen consoles will have proper UHD (3840×2160) support. The new Xbox One X already hits native 4K resolution in a lot of games and till the release of PS5 there are still 1,5 years left. What is more interesting though however is the new standard in framerate and the support of 21:9 aspect ratio.

  • That’s one of the key reasons why Sony decided to build a system from the ground up. By sticking to the PC architecture, the PS5 would have been just as much stronger than PS4Pro as PS4Pro is stronger than the base PS4. It would not have been a significant leap and there would not have been any worthy increase in simulation complexity in games. Also in this case, game would have been run at only 30 FPS (while some games at 60 FPS).

  • By creating a very powerful, uniquely designed console though, it’s possible to deliver true 4K at 60 FPS in all games for a quite reasonable price. In fact, Sony won’t allow games to be released on PS5 that don’t hit at least 60 FPS. Basically the types of games that run at 30 on PS4 will run at 60 on PS5, and the types of games that run at 60 on PS4 will run at 120 on PS5. All VR games will run at 120 FPS.

  • The ultrawide support will be mandatory for all games, so it seems like we are going to see a similar change when we switched from PS2 to PS3 (UWD TVs by Sony are coming, more about them later). It won’t be 2K ultrawide (3440×1440), it will be proper 4K at ultrawide (so higher resolution than normal 4K).


The base controller (that you get with your system) will be highly customizable.

  • You will be able to easily take it apart, and change the things you don’t like about it (thumbsticks, triggers, etc.), or you can even add extra buttons or a differently colored touchpad for example to it.

PSVR will be compatible with PlayStation 5, but there will be a newer version if it.

  • The newer version of PSVR will have a higher FOV and higher resolution amongst many other things, but you won’t need to switch to it, if you don’t want to. You will be able to use the first VR goggles too in every PS5 VR game.

There will be an offical mouse & keyboard bundle by Sony.

  • Mouse and keyboard will be officially supported, and every game will be optimized for them too. In multiplayer games, you’ll be able to choose if you want to get matched against keyboard & mouse users or not if you are using a controller.

  • It’s not yet decided if you can use normal PC peripherials or not, but there’s a high chance these won’t be allowed. Aside from Sony, three major companies are working on a dedicated PS5 mouse & keyboard right now.

Sony plans to release their affordable 4K ultrawide TVs before Christmas in 2018.

  • Just when they tried to sell PS2 consoles for it’s DVD playback function, or when they tried to sell PS3 consoles for it’s Blu Ray playback function, they’ll try to do something similar this time too.

  • Sony will try to sell their ultrawide televisions, and the PS5 consoles with UWD support will be a big help in this. The TVs will be affordable and will have low input lag and real 120Hz display. That’s all I know right now.


PlayStation 5 will be 450-500$, while PlayStation 5 Pro will be 600-650$.

  • These prices are estimates by Sony, and while they seem very high to ask for consoles, read further, and you’ll understand that these are totally justified. I have no information yet about european pricing.

The new PS VR (possibly called PS VR Pro) will be 400$.

  • As I already pointed out, it will offer higher resolution and FOV, while games will run at 120 FPS, but aside from these I don’t have any worthy information about the hardware itself.


There will be backward compatiblity, but the base PS5 won’t be able to play PS4 games.

  • That’s possibly one of the biggest reasons why the Pro version is more expensive. PlayStation 5 games will run the same way on it as on normal PS5, but the heavily modifed (and added plus) hardware will allow it to run games from 7th gen that the base modell couldn’t simply handle.

  • Sony had to make this step, because Xbox has the backward compatiblity (as well as PC, of course), so there is a high pressure on them. The unique architecture of the base PS5 however doesn’t make it possible to run PS4 games, or at least it would be way too complicated / time-consuming to recode them to run on the system.

  • So what basically the PS5 Pro does is it includes a PS4 in itself in a way – it’s not the best way to phrase it, but the point is that’s how it becomes possible to run games on it from 7th gen flawlessly, even from a disc.

  • PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will work without a problem though on both systems, you just need to insert the disc to the console, while PSP and PS Vita games will only be available digitally to purchase.

You will be able to play two games on your PS5 Pro at once.

  • In house at Sony they refer to it as dual play, but the final name of this function will probably be something different. The Pro version will have 2 HDMI ports so you can hook up the console to two displays at once, allowing you to run two games on the console at the same time.

  • This will be a great option to family members and friends who want to play at the same time. It will only work though with PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games. This means that you can run two PS2 games at the same time for example, but you can’t run two PS4, or two PS5 games (obviously). What you can do though is to run a PS5 game on one screen and a PS2 game on the other one.

  • You’ll also be able to play PS2, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games online with your friend, meaning that the system will simulate the online play, but in reality the two of you will play together offline. This was a crucial step from Sony and it was made to preserve the games’ legacy and keep them alive for future players. So even if a game’s servers are offline, you’ll be able to play it locally with it’s simulated online method with someone else.


Releasing a demo / trial to a game will be mandatory.

  • Yes. You read that right. Demos are coming back. In fact, from the launch of PS5, developers can only release their game, if they release a demo or a time-locked trial one week before it. This way consumers can try out the products before they decide to buy them.

  • If a developer won’t release a demo in time, retail copies (Blu-Ray) of that game won’t be playable until one week has passed since the demo’s release. Basically PS5 will receive mini-updates very frequently (in the background) that are used to unlock games.

  • What is important to mention is that the demo / trial should be representative of the final product (should contain a sequence from the game), so things like Platinum demo for Final Fantasy XV won’t be eligible for this purpose.

There will be a new in-house engine that will be available to use by every developer freely.

  • Sony is developing a graphics/physics engine simultaneously with PS5’s hardware. It will completely utilize the power and unique aspects of PS5 and it will be available to every developer for free. They want it to become popular so more and more devs will use it, this way making much more engaging and complex games. They want it to be used by 60% of the developers by the end of 2021.


  • There won’t be any region lock.
  • The screens/menus will be more customizable.
  • All major video, audio, and picture formats will be supported at launch by the system (so you will be able to watch MKV movies with DTS sound).
  • Adjustable FOV will be a common thing in PS5 games.
  • The system will be localized to every country’s language where the console launches.
  • There will be a built-in 3D support in the system. Basically you’ll be able to play every game in 3D.


  • There were some changes in the management of PlayStation brand, and there are some new faces at the top of Sony who would like to make some changes regarding PS. This only affects PS5 (and probably everything forward), not the PS4.

  • They want to bring console gaming much closer to PCs, this way motivating PC players to join the PlayStation family and also create a more healthier, more user-friendly, and much bigger PlayStation community / playerbase. There are some key points they want to achieve to fulfill this vision.

  • They also think that while the price will be higher, they expect a lot of PC players to switch to PS5 thanks to their efforts. So all in all, they’ll expect even better sales than they had with PS4.

  • The customizable menus, the 60 FPS (and 120 FPS probably in competitive games), the backward compatibility, the adjustable FOV, the keyboard & mouse support, the ultrawide support (and many others) were made to ensure that PC players will be satisfied enough with the system that they consider switching to it, while the core PS players will remain loyal to Sony.


Blade Runner: [Working Title]

  • Rockstar Games and Sony made a deal roughly 10 years ago about an exclusive game, which was codenamed Agent. It was never cancelled, but the technological limitations of the PS3 and the PS4 made it impossible to fulfill the creators’ vision of the game. What is a little bit more interesting though is that it’s actually an open-world game set in the Blade Runner universe.

  • Flying cars, streets with full of neon lights, you name it. It’s a story about someone who got killed and his consciousness got transferred to a replicant, but he lost most of his memories, including how he died. The goal of the player is to unfold the events that happened before.

  • I don’t want to give too much away, the game will be shown at 2017’s PSX anyway (and at then end of the reveal they won’t name any platforms, because the console will only be revealed at next year’s E3).

  • All I can say though is what I’ve seen so far is possibly on of the best things I’ve ever saw in my life. I saw the opening of the game (first half hour) that is more adrenalin-pumping than MGS V’s first hour and it’s more cathartic and emotionally touching than The Last of Us’s intro.

  • This is the demo that will be shown at PSX as far as I know. It starts similarly to 1998’s Dark City (a naked man with basically no memories) and people want to kill him.

  • There were some very disturbing scenes… when the guy stepped in a room full of dead replicants cut into little pieces… his face… the face he made really got me. I don’t know who is responsible of the motion capture, but it’s fucking lifelike. I got so invested.

  • All of the demo takes place inside buildings, and the demo ends with our nameless hero finally steps outside and got rescued by a team who seems like knows what happened to him. Our protagonist climbs into the vertibird (you know, something like you could see in Fallout 4), while the camera still pans the main protagonist’s frightened and terrified face… then the vertbird starts to rise and the camera starts to move further and further away from our protagonist’s face, revealing the huge smoke and neon filled city down under… and the Blade Runner them kicks in, then the screen turns black, and all you can see is the Blade Runner logo. I’ve got chills everywhere after I watched it. I still can’t comprehend all of the things I saw.

  • To talk a little about the gameplay too, it will be very grounded and realistic. There will be The Witcher III level of quality side missions, and the game will be playable in both third and first person (in the demo they showed both). But I think it’s enough for now, you guys will see it soon anyway.

Project Euphoria

  • Telltale Games is working on a timed exclusive for PS5. The game will hit other platforms (PC, and possibly the next Xbox Helios) one year after the release on Sony’s platform.

  • It will be a story-driven game, but with more interactivity as you might expect from the studio (Until Dawn is a good reference), and it will heavily center around the underground trance music culture of the ’90s. The game is mainly inspired by movies such as Trainspotting, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road, and The Breakfast Club, so expect something in the vein of these movies (road movie feeling, moral problems of young people and growing up, etc.).

  • The game won’t have an official title yet, but what is given is that it will be an episodic title, like previous games by the developers. Also it will be a completely new IP, not another licensed product. The game is still in early development, but Telltale already hired a writer who worked on critically acclaimed movies in the past and he has almost 100% control over the game’s story.

Project Neon

  • A newly established first party studio by industry veterans is working on a racing title that focuses on illegal street racing and underground car culture (yeah, I know, first underground music culture, and now this). The game don’t have an official title, only a project name (Neon), and it’s expected to hit shelves at the launch of PS5.:

  • What you need to know is there will be a very, very deep level of customization. This is the number #1 goal of the team. You will be able to change everything on your car, and it won’t be like in other games in which you have only one or two options per category. There will be plenty.

  • There won’t be day and night cycles. You will only able to play/drive at night. The game will be open-world though.

  • There will be cockpit view (along with full interior customization).

  • Staying true to the underground car culture, there won’t be any supercars in the game, just regular cars that you can see in everyday’s life (but you will be able to make top tier cars out of them).

  • The controls will fall between Race Driver: Grid’s and Forza Horizon 3’s controls. It will be a simcade game basically. Easy to learn, but difficult to master.

  • The cars will be able to get damaged in a meaningful way. A whole separate team is working on the damage model alone.

  • There will be pedestrians.

  • There will be a story, and you will be able to to play the entire game with other people.

  • To cut the story short, there are two reasons why Sony decided a game like this needs to happen. First, they wanted a racing game for PS5’s launch, and based on the current circumstances, GT7 is still years and years away. Second, they wanted to fill the empty void in the world of racing games. Sony saw that there’s a huge demand and market for a game like this, still, no studio attempted to do anything like this (well, except EA with 2015’s NFS, but that was a disappointment for most people).

Silent Hill: The Definitive Collection / The Essential Collection

  • Sony plans to re-release at least one classic game (or trilogy) every year. We’ve seen it this year in the form of the Crash trilogy (although it’s a game in Activision’s hands), and next year we’ll se a Shadow of the Colussus remake. 2019 will be the year of Silent Hill’s revival.

  • The thing is Sony is in heavy talks with Konami because they want to acquire the licenses of their key franchises, namely Metal Gear, Castlevania, and of course, Silent Hill. The talks are ongoing, but they managed to get the rights to do a remake of the old games (the first three ones). If they succeed, that could mean we will finally see the game that Kojima and Del Toro envisioned – but only after Death Stranding released.

  • I saw some early prototypes from these games. A lot of original creators are involved in the making of this project. There will be expanded scenes and new story elements in each game, new voice acting, and players will be able to go from one place to another seamleslly without the game having to load.

Project Freedom

  • There’s a new IP that can be played in VR too (it will be a 120 FPS title). It’s a very clean and stylish game that borrows elements from some of the best games (Superhot, Portal, Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall, Q.U.B.E. – The Director’s Cut) to create a truly unique and fascinating experience.

  • It’s a high-octane first person puzzle platformer and shooter with a heavy emphasis on movement, speed, and style. The soundtrack of it is fucking awesome and the gameplay is INSANE! This will be available on PS4 too, but the PS5 version will have some extra features.

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Antonio Lucas
Antonio Lucas

Mário, se o ps5 e o novo Xbox forem lançados em 2019, eles já poderão ser feitos em 7nm?

O que me deixa receoso em relação a esse rumor, é porque o insidrr disse que a Sony vai adotar uma arquitetura própria porque aí ela pode obter um hardware melgor por um preço melhor, porque se ela continuasse com a mesma arquitetura a evolução do ps4 pro ps5 seria semelhante a evolução do ps4 pro Ps4pro é que a Sony não vai usar mais amd e sim que vai fabricar o hardware do ps5 (faz sentido porque no ano passado um insider renomado disse que o ps5 usaria uma gpu dedicada e não um APU) isso tudo faz sentido mas o problema da arquitetura própria seria portar os jogos.

E o outro motivo que me faz suspeitar da veracidade do rumor é porque a Sony tem muitos jogos pra 2019 e inclusive jogos que só lançarão em 2020 (death stranding e the last of us 2)

Além da questão da gpu dedicada, o que faz sentido nesse rumor é porque saiu um rumor no gamerant a um tempo atrás que a Microsoft estaria apressando o lançamento do novo Xbox pra 2019 porque eles estavam desesperados em lançar antes do ps5

Antonio Lucas
Antonio Lucas

Mário, esse rumor com certeza é falso, ele já tem mais de 7 meses e o autor disse “esperem até a psx” então ele provavelmente eestava falando da psx 2017

Carlos Zidane
Carlos Zidane

Nossa, quanta informação empolgante, esse tal Blade Runner, o tal jogo de corrida underground super customizável…
Um PS4 dentro do PS5 Pro… Arquitetura proprietária?!

Achei bem interessante tudo que disse, mas não sei não, vamos ver no que dá.

Que pode haver algo diferenciado deve ter, não sei se o que mas deverá ter.

Não sei se é possível, não manjo de eletrônica, mas se possível, podiam colocar alguns dispositivos que ajudassem com alguma parte do processamento, acredito pudesse ser barato e ajudar a aumentar a capacidade/complexidade dos jogos e aliviar CPU/GPU pra mais coisas. Se isso é loucura ou impossível, ignorem. (Embora tem ums frase que gosto muito: “sem saber que era impossível, foi lá e fez”)

Outra coisa que gostaria de ver é a Sony e MS lançarem em simultâneo e com capacidades próximas, praticamente idênticas, assim, não teríamos jogos inferiores num e superior em outro, pra melhorar o tempo dos programadores (não perder tempo, por exemplo, no One os caras tinham que lidar com Esram/DDR3 num e no outro era GDDR5, não desmerecendo o One, mas programar pra uma dessas fórmulas invés de duas, é otimizar o trabalho, consequentemente entregar melhor e mais rápido pros 2) e os fanboys pararem com essa chatice de “o meu é melhor que o seu” parecendo um bando de retardados, embora isso seja “bloqueável” mas que infelizmente diminui a conversa mais interessante sobre os aparelhos.


Humm… Há muita coisa neste rumor que não faz sentido…

– A Sony apostar numa arquitetura proprietária e que nada tem a haver com a AMD ou x86? É precisamente o oposto da filosofia da PS4, o repetir da filosofia da PS3 – não acho que nem os parceiros, nem o mercado aceitariam bem isso – parece a PS3 outra vez. É o oposto do que o Cerny tem feito desde que tem estado ao comando do desenvolvimento do hardware nas consolas.

– Ser lançada em 2019? Asneira! Death Stranding, Days Gone (agora oficialmente confirmado), TLOU part 2 e o Gohsts of Tsushima só devem chegar nesse ano. O ano passado foi o melhor ano da PS4 – porquê interromper algo que está a ir tão bem?….

– Um salto de 10 vezes em 2019? Neste ano seria necessário uma dual-vega 64, com todos os CUs ativados e uma velocidade de relógio semelhante à ONE X. Parece-me pouco possível, embora concorde que o salto tem de ser pelo menos esse para justificar uma nova geração. Ou esse hardware é uma revolução em termos de arquitectura ou é treta.

– A Sony a apostar em rato e teclado? Preocupada com os jogadores PC? Mas a filosofia da Sony sempre foi tão oposta à do PC…

As únicas coisas de que gostaria que fossem verdade nesses rumores são os jogos. A Sony a ressuscitar a série Silent Hill seria a cereja em topo do bolo sobretudo porque não irá colocar restrições ao Kojima. Também gostaria que falasse com a EA sobre Dead Space. Já imaginaram esses títulos com o motor do The Order 1886?


O que é o Ultrawide support?

João Magalhães
João Magalhães

Sobre os rumores….

Um que acho que pode acontecer é abandonarem a APU,e incluírem uma GPU dedicada…É um dos rumores que faz mais sentido.


Rumores são apenas “rumores”… más neste caso tem coisa muito exagerada aí…
A começar pelo lançamento em 2019
2 Versões do mesmo console
Um PS4 dentro de um PS5
Jogos em 4K em 60 e 120fps
Retrocompatibilidade com jogos PS1, PS2, PS3,PS4…vita etc
…e o pior de todos… jogar 02 jogos ao mesmo tempo…

As vendas estão indo bem e tem muitos jogos bons a serem lançados. Além disso a PS4 Pro foi lançado há pouco tempo. Apesar de ser hoje hardware capaz de rodar jogos em 4K com 60fps, ainda tem muito que evoluir para colocar isso tudo dentro de um console a um custo não muito exorbitante.Lançando um console em 2019 não será muito mais poderoso que um Xbox one…

Próxima console da sony deve chegar no final de 2020 ou até em 2021.. muita coisa pra acontecer até lá


Mário… Se a Sony lançar próximo console em 2019… Concordo que terá tecnologia para ir um pouco além do que a Xbox one x vai… E já incomporando mais memória para a gpu e utilizando uma CPU bem melhor que a atual… Mas me corrija se eu estiver errado… Por um preço justo ou perdendo pouco… Não seria um console com pouca margem sobre o da Microsoft?
Pois a Microsoft pode ir lá e depois de 1 ou2 ano e lançar novamente coonsole bem mais potente…

Estou partindo de 2 pontos… Primeiro as vendas estão boas e há muitos bons jogos a serem lançados… Segundo, mesmo que lance um ps5 com essas características… Ele não vai se destacar muito mais que o Xbox x. Acredito que tem que esperar a nova geração CPU/gpu se consolidar e realmente entregar um console com boa margem de vantagem sobre os atuais..
Ainda mais se estiverem focando em 4k a 60 FPS ou 120fps como disseram…

Edson Nill
Edson Nill

Mário, não consigo copiar o link para traduzi-lo para o português, sendo assim, onde eu encontro esse rumor?


Cá para min, não esperem uma consola muito poderosa!
A Sony tem que seguir a medologia da ps4.
Uma consola entre os 399€ a 449€
Logo eu diria que irá ser muito parecida a Xbox one x, mas com mais performance!
Iremos ter uma plataforma com um mínimo de 9Tflops e 16 RAM GDDR5.
Uma coisa que não podem falhar é a compatibilidade com os jogos da ps4, podendo na ps5 jogar os da ps4!
Se fizerem isso, a sony estará no bom caminho 🙂

Edson Nill
Edson Nill

9tflops? Duvido muito! Será muito maior que isso ao meu ver! Quanto ao rumor em si, apostaria em algumas coisas lá: Arquitetura própria e bastante poder! Quanto a retrocompatibilidade, acho cômico que muitos hj dão valor pq a Microsoft colocou no Xbox one, mas a Nintendo já fazia isto há décadas e ninguém dava bola, msm sabendo que poucos a utilizam, sendo que não duvidaria que a Sony prefira relançar os games do ps4 no ps5 mas remasterizados, pois está a ganhar muito com isto, fora possíveis remakes do PS2 chegando no ps5. Se fosse para cravar, colocaria os dois God of Wars do PS2 em versões remakes para o ps5. Ao meu ver, se ela de fato apostar em uma arquitetura própria, será de ótima valia, pois estará definindo uma arquitetura para tirar proveito de seus exclusivos. Querendo ou não, msm com problemas que o ps3 teve, o logado dele é maior que do ps4, falo claramente de jogos que marcaram época, então torço muito para a Sony fazer isto, fortalecer seu Hardware fingindo da arquitetura x86, mostrando ser mais console e menos Pc, até pq, o novo Xbox certamente virá com x86, pois querem se aproximar do PC dia após dia. Abraços…

Edson Nill
Edson Nill

Quis dizer fugindo da x86, porém acrescento mais: Vc com uma arquitetura própria, pode fazer um marketing de poder, como a Sony fez com o ps3!

Carlos Zidane
Carlos Zidane

Edson, desculpe mas discordo, a arquitetura própria pra mim é uma péssima jogada, espero que não façam isso. Os programadores já parecem ter preguiça de programar no X86…
Espero que continue nessa base pra facilitar o desenvolvimento, nem sei se isso é uma realidade, mas acredito que sim.

Por mim, Sony e Microsoft lançariam os consoles em simultâneo, com a mesma arquitetura, mesma potência, (diferenciando só em exclusivos ou tal serviços) assim os programadores iriam ter mais tempo de investir em outros projetos em vez de otimizar pra um ou outro, e ninguém ficaria chorando que seu console é mais fraco.
Isso não vai acontecer mas o X86 creio eu que seja o que facilitaria um pouco, e possivelmente otimizaria o desenvolvimento dos jogos, penso eu. Tempo é dinheiro (mais na conta deles e menos na nossa carteira, por uma boa causa! LOL)

Carlos Zidane
Carlos Zidane

Qualquer coisa abaixo de 12 TFlop pra mim seria já nascer errado, por isso gostaria de mais tempo.